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A Special Party Awaits You

At Everafter & Company, we offer a variety of options for your event. Whether it is a large weekend party with 15 little princesses, a one-on-one visit from a character after school, or even a video message to a princess in a faraway land…we’ve got you covered! Check out our packages below and choose which one best fits your needs.

Princess Party

Princess Party Packages are available Fridays-Sundays any weekend of the year. They are perfect for up to 15 children, as well as large family events. Your character will arrive with a bag full of activities and will cater to your little one the entire time. You don’t have to lift a finger. Sit back and watch as your character takes the stage and celebrates your princess’s magical day!

Weekday Packages are also offered at a discounted rate and are available Monday-Thursday only. They are perfect for after school visits on your child’s actual birthday, a just because surprise, or weekday parties with up to 3 children. These short visits create a lasting memory for your child without all the weekend party planning!

Personalized Video Message

Everafter & Company offers more than just fairytale entertainment for your child’s birthday. Whether you want to add a little splendor to someone’s day or you’d like to send a ‘happy birthday’ message to a very special prince or princess, we can help make dreams come true no matter where you are!

With the video package, a character of your choice will record a personalized video message and send it to you via phone or social media. The video can be shared by phone or email to the special child in your life, and can be watched over and over again to create a wonderful birthday (or “just because”) memory!

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