Personalized Video Services

Give a Personalized Princess Video Message!

A character of your choice will record a personalized video message and send it to you via text. The video can be shared by phone or email to the special child in your life to create a wonderful birthday (or “just because”) memory! To book, fill out the contact form or click below!

  • -Video (20 – 30 sec.)
  • -Character of Choice
  • -Personalized Message
  • -Edited with Music
  • -Sent via Text
  • -Rights to Share Video (text, email, etc.)

*Payment in full is required upon receiving invoice
*Video processing time is 1 week from receiving payment

Enjoy All of the Best Party Moments on DVD!

Add on a Video Package and our Royal Attendant will record and capture all of your best party moments with your Princess in HD. Everafter will edit your footage with music and a personalized title page, then send the finished product to your home address on a DVD. This video can be watched over and over again to create a wonderful birthday memory for you and your family!

  • -HD Video on DVD (4 min – 5 min.)
  • -Highlights with Princess and Birthday Girl
  • -Highlights of Birthday Decor
  • -Personalized Title Page
  • -Background Music
  • -Sent to Home Address

*To book, select the Add On option on the booking form
*Video processing time is up to 2 weeks after party date

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