Devon is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance at the University of
    Michigan- Flint. Afterwards, she will begin her journey as an actress who hopes to work with Disney in
    some capacity and make her way to Broadway.
    Devon is an alumnus of Davison High School, where she was a member of the Wind Ensemble on the
    clarinet, Varsity Choir, and Participated on three musicals!
    Devon has been singing since she was able to talk, acting since seventh grade, and dancing since she
    started college. She loves using her imagination to bring all sorts of stories and characters to life.
    Disney has always had a special place in Devon’s heart. Her favorite princesses are Belle and Ariel, even
    if she spends most of her time flying around with some super fairies! Her favorite Disney movies are The
    Hunchback of Notre Dame and Zootopia, and she hopes to be the voice if an original Disney character


    • Snow Princess
    • Tinker Fairy
    • Winter Fairy
    • Animal Fairy
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